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Canine Good Citizen C.G.C

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Are you looking for new housing? Having neighbor problems? Do you want to get you and your dog into assisted service programs? 

A Canine Good Citizen Certificate can help pave the way. 

 How is this done?                                                                                            
The AKC started a program in 1989 to emphasize and reward responsible dog owners and their pets with a special test and certification. This is called the Canine Good Citizen Test.
 Take the Pledge  The test first involves a pledge that you and your family need  to agree to and sign. What pledge ? The Responsible Dog Owner's Pledge is part of this status evaluation.
The Canine Good Citizen status tells the public, your new landlord and/or maybe even your insurance company that your dog is a member of your family and as such has worked to become the best possible citizen one with four legs can imagine.
As your dogs legal guardian so to speak you promise to attend to their needs such as  Health and Safety which includes vet check ups ,vaccinations, proper diet and exercise. You agree to maintain control over your pet and abide by leash laws as well as equipping them with I.D. for safe return if lost. You'll also respect the rights of others and do what is necessary to assure that your dog is not running loose or barking causing disturbances. And don't forget the dirty job of picking up after them and lessening their footprint on your environment.
Are you ready to make this commitment to your beloved dog?
To read the pledge in its entirety go to this site ; 
Next you must review the list of 10 items you and your dog must pass in order to qualify and get the certification of distinction. Check out this link : 
If you've got them all down or need a little work to polish your dogs skills the next step is to find the right professional dog trainer which has the certification as Canine Good Citizen Evaluator to get the help or testing you may need. Check out this link to find one in your area: 

Take The Lead Canine Training  has both a Puppy Kindergarten and Beginners Obedience class that is designed with the necessary class requirements in mind to help you through the whole process from Puppyhood to Adult or Star Puppy to Canine Good Citizen or both in most cases.

Soon with your leadership which includes basic obedience, attention and playtime you will have the balanced dog all your friends and neighbors wish they had.

“Article by Cathy Mayer owner of Take The Lead Canine Training” and “Susan Robertson Dog Training” Check out my site for more information on my training services and get to know me better.    or phone 760.917.5976


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