Dr. Boyd's Pet Resort

  • Any Cat, Any Size$34
  • Happy Hour Care$5/additional hour
    (Available for those who would like to check out their cat past their personal 24 hour clock check in time. No “late fees”, no worries!)
  • Extended Nursing Recovery Care$20 per night in addition to boarding
    Dr. Boyd’s Pet Resort provides recovery care for pets needing special medical attention; we are available to give 24-hour care.

For dogs and cats who board when they are sick, for example: kennel cough, Parvo, or extremely aggressive dogs who need extra special handling, and for those clients who refuse our vaccine requirements. $20 per night in addition to boarding

You can contact both of our locations here!

Dr. Boyd’s Pet Resort San Diego
p: (619) 260-6060
f. (619) 481-6183
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